COMFORT Communication Campaign Plan: Target audience and key messaging

COMFORT Communication is an organization specializing in communication training for nurses. They are the first to have developed a research-backed curriculum for communication training for nurses in the palliative care field. They are in the middle of a name change to Palliative Care Communication Institute and have recently rolled out their new curriculum. The online reputation for this organization needs to be improved, especially with the recent name change. I aim to build their reputation as an online thought leader in the healthcare communication field and encourage professionals to seek their classes and training.

The two focal audiences for COMFORT will be “Facebook nurses” and “healthcare decision makers”. The respective demographics, psychographics and key messaging are detailed below.



Facebook nurses: Nurses active on Facebook who discuss their job and convene with other nurses on nursing groups and fan pages.

Demographics: According to Minority Nursing, less than 10% of registered nurses are male. So, as a general statement, we can define our audience as female. The average age of registered nurses in the US is 45-46, although nurses vary widely by age, so I will define our audience as being between 24-50. According to the same survey by minority nursing, 75% of nurses identify as white and 23% as black, so these are the top two races that make up this audience.

Psychographics: According to an article on, nurses are so active on social media that they’ve had to develop guides for nurses’ Facebook communication. Because of this, my plan will focus on reaching this audience through Facebook. We will create short, engaging, shareable content that will be shared with nurses on Facebook pages and groups like Nurses Rock, which has over 700,000 likes. This will allow us to reach nurses in a natural environment and start a conversation with them, rather than advertising to them.

We will also focus on appealing to nurses who went into their profession to help people, as opposed to those who chose their field for prestige or money. We will pull on the emotions of nurses to help them accept our key message. We will demonstrate that communication training will help them develop stronger relationships with their patients and make their patients’ experiences much better.



Key Messages: Communication training from COMFORT is necessary to having the best relationship with patients.

Proper communication will improve patients’ experiences.



Healthcare decision makers: Leaders in the healthcare field who make financial and procedural decisions for the organizations’ they work for.

Demographics: The hospital decision maker that we would like to reach is a male or female, age 40-60. They make a minimum of $100,000 a year and work at a large hospital or medium to large-sized nursing home, where they make financial and procedural decisions.

Psychographics: This audience cares deeply about the future of the healthcare facility that they work for and even more so for the patients they serve. They expect the most from their employees and see no room error when it comes to patient care. We will use these personality traits to reach this audience. They want the most for their patients, and COMFORT can offer training to help their employees do better for the patients.

That being said, as leaders in the healthcare field, they will need hard research and evidence to be convinced that they need our product. They won’t throw their organization’s money at any business who offers training to their employees. We must use research-backed materials to establish COMFORT’s credibility. The plan here will be to develop an online content hub full of research-backed articles about issues in the healthcare field to establish credibility. It will show the decision makers that COMFORT knows what they’re talking about. These articles can then be shared through other mediums, including Facebook.



Key messages: COMFORT is an expert in healthcare communication

COMFORT will improve nurses’ expertise and improve patients’ overall quality of life.


These two audiences are key in increasing the number of nurses using the new curriculum and establishing COMFORT as experts in the healthcare communication field. For this campaign, we will use our key messaging to reach these two audiences and reach our communication goals.


Minority Nursing –

Nurses Rock –

Nursing Together –


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